Philosophy Tuesday

In the world of being, power is not synonymous with force.

Quite the contrary:  force is what is present when power is not.

Being truly powerful is when we are achieving our intentions without force or struggle, without browbeating or controlling those around you, without a tight grip or cudgels.  It is when things resolve themselves productively and with velocity.

Actual power is effortless.


(Now, it is true that we collapse the idea of someone forceful as being powerful all the time – which is especially nasty in the context of leadership, though that’s another conversation – but if we think about it, someone who was actually powerful wouldn’t have to use force at all.  If they’re using force it’s because they have to, well, force people to do their bidding.

On the other hand, when we’re open and authentic and related and fair and liked, we move and inspire others such that we can create together and, even more so, often they’ll even take it on themselves to realize it, and they’ll be fully empowered in/while doing so!

When we truly honour our word as ourselves and operate with integrity (not morality, but integrity), we needn’t fight ourselves or spend effort hiding.  And when those around us know we operate with integrity, great alignment, and thus great power, becomes possible.)