Architecture Monday

While shipping container architecture has become a bit of a thing (I’ve highlighted a few here in the past – I still love this train station), this one takes a different approach to using the ubiquitous containers:  as inhabitable roof structure.

A design for a warehouse, the 12 containers are spaced out along the length, each supported by a pair of v-columns and the spaces between spanned by frosted glass.  This makes for a surprisingly light and airy grand hall that appears more at home as a gallery or ballroom than a warehouse. Which isn’t too far off the mark – the abundant amount of light not only makes for a low-energy operation of a warehouse, but the space is enjoyed by gymnasts and skaters that the sports company sponsors.  (Which explains why the photoshoot is full of performers!)

A long catwalk gives access to the containers so they can still be used, and the whole thing leads to a combined office area where the more conventional roof is held in place by nifty giant letters that spell out the company’s name of Amaya.

I dig it.  Think warehouse, and you’re probably not thinking of something you’d like to spend time in.  But why not?  Here’s a working building that uses “working” materials (concrete block, steel, shipping containers) to create a delightful space to work.  Rock on.

Amaya Headquarters by RuizEsquiroz

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