Architecture Monday

This was a conceptual model for a speculative master plan in South Korea.  It’s definitively got some ‘first draft’ vibes, but it’s an intriguing concept.  Rather than units being blocked in on three sides with a single (often narrow) view out, take a courtyard building (perhaps a bit akin to BIG’s 8 House?), with each side one unit thick laid lengthwise, and pull it upward.  The funky bits protruding out is embellishment, but the core is living units that have cross-ventilation and light on two sides, as well as visual connection to all the other units to create a stronger sense of place than a typical high-rise corridor.  And with just a bit of platforming, you could have a gaggle of sky gardens too.

While there would be plenty to do to get it all ironed out (or to see if it breaks in some way), it’s still a starting point as something interesting to ponder.

Project R6 by REX

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