Architecture Monday

I do so much like a great gothic cathedral in all its carved glory.  And I really want to visit Gaudi’s stone forest of awe.  But I’m also really keen on this restoration of a church first erected in 1314.  To say it’s on the opposite end of the gothic/carved spectrum would be an understatement… smooth, serene, and silky white, it’s a play of pure volume and light.

The photos kinda tell the whole story.  When you strip away almost all ornament and texture, you have nothing but the pure spatial quality of the space left.  You gotta get that right as there’s no way to hide it!  If anything is off everyone will notice and, even more so, feel it right away.  So there’s some high quality design going on here.

There are also a lot of nice little spatial interplays, vistas and views and connections to the important side areas such as the baptistry or a side chapel.

(I get a big kick out of the above photo – doesn’t it of look a lot like a D&D miniature placed on a tabletop diorama?)

Very cool.  One sublime piece of work!

St Moritz church by John Pawson

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