Architecture Monday

There’s a lot of great design bits here, let’s step through some of them!

Using the natural slope of the site, rather than digging into it or obliterating it, the cantilevered design also creates a double and rather stylish carport, split by the entrance stair.  (On which I really cannot help but notice the distinct lack of handrails…)

A combination of voids and extrusions creates a great mix of indoor space and outdoor courtyards and balconies.  Besides being lovely, this also allows in tonnes of light.

The main framing of the house is a series of large timbers arranged in a grid pattern that is exposed, creating both a steady rhythm and also a sense of continuity throughout the house and rooms.  It’s also a sculptural element in its own right heading down the spine of the house.

The second floor is more like a series of lofts, allowing first floor spaces to not only gain awesome height and light, but it also sets up for cross-level views.

Very nice design.  It’s not a big house (it’s about the same as mine) nor an “extravagant” one, but it feels way more expansive and expressive and a joy to live in than the common suburban product.

House in Umegaoka by Container Design

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