Architecture Monday

Oh I dig this apartment building in Winnipeg.  Looking much like something that would be at home in the Nordic countries, it takes a roughish site and elevates (pun intended) itself to create some nifty living spaces.

A floating donut of weathered steel and glass would not be a pretty fair description of the building.  Supported by slender concrete pilotis, the hovering drum also sports a central aerial courtyard that gives access to the units.  Impaled by the stair and elevator access, it’s a neat sculptural entry to one’s house.

The units themselves are interesting.  No surprise, they are wedge shaped, and they place the more utility functions near the entrance, allowing the rest of the space to expand outward towards the fully glazed exterior wall.  Unit type A is seriously… interesting, with the free-standing tub you have to pass by whenever you enter or leave.  It can be enclosed by movable partitions, so it can still become a private bathing area, but it is certainly genre-breaking and subverts what we would consider “normal”!

As a final crown, the building takes advantage of the stair/elevator core to perch a glass box of a penthouse with a full 360 degrees of view.

I dig it.  Something out of the ordinary, creating great living conditions on a marginal site, enlivening the city as well as those who inhabit it.  Sweet design!

62M Apartments by 5468796 Architects (who also worked on this storage/gateway I posted about a while back, also in weathered steel)