The Aurora RPG – Example A

It’s been about three years since I released the Aurora RPG Engine to the world.  And I’m still excited to have done so!  But the core engine itself always had a bit of a problem which was… well, it’s just an engine with a bunch of designer notes.  Not only do you need more design around the engine to create a complete and playable game, as the experience with Cortex Prime shows, even a toolbox can be opaque without a focused implementation.

So, in remedy of that… here’s an Example RPG!

There is one quick caveat: this example isn’t a full and complete example set of rules, not yet.  It is the core of it, with character creation, how to run skill tests, and just a smidge of conflict rules to illustrate how the Margin of Success system interfaces feeds into it.  But character growth, advanced resolution systems, and the complete conflict module including initiative, action handling, modifiers, recovery, etc are still absent.  Plus, as an example, it isn’t written with all the expansiveness, detail, and polish (especially polish!) that a published RPG would have.

But it is a start, and I will update and add to it over time.  And these rules have been playtested through the Star Wars campaign I have been running over the course of these same three years, where it has been working very well.  I’m still tweaking the conflict portions to get it just right, which is why their release is being postponed for a little while longer.

Despite this incompleteness, I hope this example still gives a good sense of how to use the Aurora RPG Engine and shows off some of its advantages and gaming oomph!  And please feel free to send back any feedback you might have.

Grab the Aurora RPG – Example A here (or click the image above), and happy gaming!