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RPG System 12: Permissivity

July 27, 2017

Um… ok.  It’s been nearly 18 months since I last posted anything about my RPG system.  Yikes. And that aside, here we dive in again!  Tonight looking at an aspect of game design that includes, in some ways, the area of how broad or narrow skills are in the system.  Going beyond skills, however, it’s […]


Gaming Thursday: RPG System X: Timeout

January 28, 2016

When I started this series of posts about two years ago, A) I knew it would be a long meandering project (two years already??! Aiya!) and B) I indicated that my tastes in RPG systems where shifting. As I take a moment to pause here and reflect, I’m not sure I realized back then just […]


Gaming Thursday: RPG System 12: 2xDamage

October 22, 2015

The more I’ve been thinking about resolution systems and consequences (using damage as the generic term, since it’s readily familiar to most of us), the less I am liking separate “to hit” and “damage” rolls or systems. It’s got a long and storied tradition in RPGs, but I think its time may have passed.


Gaming Thursday: RPG System 11: Damage

August 27, 2015

I’ve been kinda quiet here on the gaming side, especially on the RPG System front. But I’ve not been inactive! Of late I’ve been exploring and delving into a gaggle of new systems, mostly on the narrative-heavy spectrum, including FATE, Cortex Plus, and Burning Wheel. And they’ve been a great entry to shed some thoughts […]


Gaming Thursday: RPG System 10: For Whom the Bell Rolls

June 11, 2015

When I began my RPGing career, I was a big fan of percentile-based systems for task resolutions.  It seemed the most rational:  you had X percent chance of making it, so you rolled against that.   Seemingly simple and straightforward.  Later d10 or d20 based systems (much more sane – 5% granularity is more than enough, […]


Gaming Thursday: RPG System 9: On Success

May 7, 2015

Let me continue stalling for time from choosing the dice mechanic for my system by talking about success. No, not the wild success I expect in completing this system, but how the system itself could handle the outcomes of skill checks, and the lovely world of margins.


Gaming Thursday: RPG System 8: Layers Explored

March 5, 2015

I want to pull more from the previous post, digging into the idea of a multi-layered system and looking at the “prime power” sources part, and specifically looking at the various classes in D&D through that lens.   What might I see in dissecting the familiar? As it turns out, some pretty interesting things. Setting aside […]


Gaming Thursday: RPG System 7: Layers

January 22, 2015

Some random musings on the idea of character classes, brought on by the reading of the new PHB. While fifth edition has gone a ways to tweak its traditional model for character classes, especially with the inclusion of backgrounds, it remains that many character classes still possess a mix of combat abilities, non-combat abilities, and […]


Gaming Thursday: RPG System 6: Advantage

January 15, 2015

Though our group has chosen to put aside FFG’s Star Wars system, there is still one big thing from it and its unique dice system that I really liked and want to include in my own system: the idea of generating two axes of resolution, one being success/failure, and the other being advantage/disadvantage.


Gaming Thursday: RPG System 5: Dice Pool Thoughts

December 4, 2014

Some extra pontificating on the idea of removing dice as a sweet game mechanic… For starters, and the biggie for me that had me first get the elegance of it all, is removing dice to allow a character multiple actions in a turn. Assume each PC has a single action they can do in a […]