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Zoids Headline pt 3

September 13, 2008

for immediate release Kannik Studios signs up their tenth Zoid. “It took some time, but it is ready for action.”  So declared Kannik as he unveiled the newest Zoid to join this ever-growing stable.  Decked out in deep blue, the Blade Liger stood gleaming in the morning light.  “A real beaut, this one.  Iconic to […]


Zoids Headline pt 2

March 16, 2006

Kannik Studios secures a Mad Thunder “I certainly wasn’t expecting it,” said Kannik, head of this Zoids stable, “but there was our procurer, standing before one during a trip abroad.” Negotiations held, schedules re-arranged and one delayed flight later, the Kannik Studios team has a Zoid that would make many pause in amazement. Dwarfing even […]


Zoids headline

May 27, 2005

It’s begun

April 18, 2019

Well well well, what have we here…


Wondering Wednesday

September 28, 2016

Tomy is teasing something new to do with Zoids! I’m digging the realistic look of the Shield Liger, whatever it ends up being.  Fingers crossed its a wicked new series or movie! (And… I still have four Zoids in the box I need to assemble…)


Gaming Friday

September 9, 2016

Woo!  The Heavy Gear Kickstarter I gushed about last year has arrived!  I snagged two copies of the game and an extra Ammon: I think some stompy days will need to be had soon to try this out! (Mind you, I’m already behind in putting together both some Zoids models and my Robotech Tactics minis… […]



November 29, 2007

Even after two in-proximity successive viewings, Ratatouille continues to be one awesome movie. Going to get my flying mount this coming weekend, which ought to be amusing.   Also going to buy some faux fur. Games I thought I didn’t like, and that were totally not my thing, I enjoyed playing, and surprisingly won both.   […]


Transformers 2k7

July 9, 2007