The Aurora RPG Engine

The Aurora RPG Engine is a core resolution system designed to form the heart of a complete role-playing game system toolkit.  With genuine advantages for play, it can be the foundation for many different games and campaigns, suiting their genre, tone, feel, and playstyle while supporting both crunchy and narrative mechanics for excitement and storytelling delight.

It’s been a multi-year journey in the making, and I’m chuffed and giddy and just a bit nervous to share it all with you.   But I can’t wait to see what you all think and, even more so, what you do with it and the games and awesome times and stories it supports.

Thank you for reading, and may Aurora inspire your next great campaign.


Intentions, Advantages, and the Core Resolution Engine

Base Underpinnings and Dice Pool

Fixed Target Number and Difficulty as Dice Modifiers

Baseline Values and an Aside on Probabilities

Handling Difficulty and Modifiers

The “Extra Die” Beauty: Creating a Margin of Success

The Twist: “Buying” Success

Creating the Base Pool

Additional and Common Subsystems and Considerations

Postscript – Breaking the Core Mechanic (In a Good Way)

Postscript – Further Probabilities, Hidden Rolls, And Discoveries

Postscript – MoS Counting

Download the complete Aurora RPG Core Resolution Engine PDF

Technically, the above is not strictly necessary as in many countries games rules are not copyrightable.  And, certainly, I am standing on the shoulders of giants, both building from and borrowing from many other games over the years.  I include it just to be clear that you are free to take and use this RPG core engine however you wish.  I hope it proves to be wonderful for you and helps you create an amazing campaign!

That said, if you would like to use Aurora in your game, I would love it if you would let me know, and be delighted if you included attribution to me, Oliver “Kannik” Bollmann.  And if it will be published, I’d love it even more if you’d involve me in the project!  Either way, if you’d like to contact me please use any of the contact means listed in the sidebar to the right.

Thank you and happy gaming!