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Wonder Wednesday

November 27, 2019

Have some sweet Zoid cutout-style illustrations!

by Pony Perler Parlor (and available as prints!)


Architecture Monday

November 25, 2019

I mean, it’s not like Copenhagen isn’t up for some great theatre fun!  With not one but two grand playhouses on the waterfront!

First up we visited the Royal Danish Playhouse.  Built for dramatic theatre, compared to the expressive Oslo Opera House it may seem understated but that doesn’t make it any less nice, mixing solidity and texture of stone with the lightness and precision of glass in a sweet interlocking composition.

Much like the Oslo Opera House this theatre has fully integrated itself into the community.  Even in the middle of the day, with nary a performance in sight, the place was bustling both along the promenade and inside.  Unfortunately, we couldn’t explore much within, but I bet the theatre lobbies within the big glass bar, cantilevered out towards the water, must be most impressive.

Just up the inlet is the Copenhagen Opera House.  This one brings the idea of a “community porch” to a truly grand scale, with a giant projecting roof that reaches out towards the waterfront.  From afar, the whole roof floats over the building. (For a 360~ shot from under that great porch roof, click here!)

Doubly unfortunately, the building was closed, so we didn’t get to tour in and could only glimpse the tantalizing multi-level lobby from the glass doors.  The opera and ballet house is ensconced in polished wood, sitting like a jewel within and connected via a wonderful array of balconies and entryways, making for a fun spatial composition as you talk, drink, wander, and head to and from your seats.

Best of all, at night the curving façade of the opera house (which mirrors the curving face of the theatre within) glows like a lantern.  With the reflections from the water, it’s a lovely sight.

A wonderful of great theatres – well done Copenhagen!

The Royal Danish Playhouse by Lundgaard & Tranberg and the Copenhagen Opera House by Henning Larsen.


Art Sunday

November 24, 2019

Should you make art?

Yes!  Yes yes yes yes!  Yessssssss!

by John Osebold



Wonder Wednesday

November 20, 2019

Ahhhh… the glory of the fall colours contrasted by the majesty of the white-capped mountains.  Gorgeous.

by Stephen Matera


Architecture Monday

November 18, 2019

Let’s slip back over to Oslo tonight, to visit the Opera House (which also houses he National Ballet, plus theatre, concerts, and more) designed by none other than one of my favs, Snøhetta.

One of the things that makes this building stand out – besides its gleaming white facets emerging from the water like an iceberg – is how much it integrates itself into the city through those facets.  They are huge ramps, inviting everyone to stroll up the face of the building and walk along the roof, taking in the views, sun, and experience.  And whenever we passed there were always plenty of people doing just that.  Even better, several times a year they anchor a barge in the bay for either a stage or a screen and host giant, free, concerts and other events.  (We even saw the barge being prepared on our last day there).

Inside, things take a turn for the sensual, with the three theatres contrasting the angular exterior through being wrapped in rich and sinuous wood.  The lofty main entry hall is extra fun, seeing past the wood drum as it rises to watch people pass by the windows as they walk on the roof outside.

The seating lobbies and the main theatre both carry the rich and enveloping theme even further.

A cool and nifty exterior coupled with a warm and nifty interior makes for a sculptural and appropriately theatrical building of beauty, well used and well loved by the city, and now its almost de facto center point.  Great work.

The Norwegian National Opera House by Snøhetta.  (Who won the commission through a blind open design competition – only after the entry was chosen did anyone learn the fortune that that a local Oslo firm had won!)



November 17, 2019


Wonder Wednesday

November 6, 2019

Fun little drawing of one smart mouse!

by Akusuru