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June 6, 2012

“I don’t understand what it is about the idea of a “medium” that people find so confusing; it’s a conceptual space where works that share certain characteristics may occur.  Nobody is going to approve of the entire continuum.  …  There are also niches, as in any ecology.  You can certainly find things you don’t like, but those things aren’t anti-matter; when they come into contact with things you do like, there is no hot flash which obliterates both.  This totalizing dialogue, where “everything” and “everyone” is this or that, and here are the teams, and morality is a linear abstraction as opposed to its three dimensional reality is a crock of ******* ****.”

— Tycho @ Penny Arcade


Mies Google Doodle!

March 26, 2012

Per the title…


Exploding Blood Sausage

March 19, 2012

Wow, another week, another great (and already highly funded!) kickstarter, this time for Wasteland 2.  Now THAT brings back memories.  I remember playing Wasteland way back when it came out… wandering the desert, trying things out and especially I remember with surprising vividness the scrolling combat description for each round.  I played and played until I got to some part where everything was wiping my party out really darn fast.  Probably got to some higher level area sooner than I should have, but I simply stopped playing the game at that time.  Hmm.  I wonder if I can muster enough time to finish the game before the sequel comes out…

Thinking about Wasteland has me also reminiscing about other (now amusingly old-school) games I loved.  Anyone else play Battletech:  The Crescent Hawk’s Inception?  Fun little RPG, using the full tabletop turn-based rules, if a bit tweaked (like the fact you could carry infinite ammo for any personal weapon – including SRM and Inferno launchers!).  Also played loose and fast (compared to how the BT universe states it) with ‘mech upgrading technology to allow you to actually have an upgrade path for your ‘mechs.  I remember once managing to escape the first combat with the training ‘mech, something not really expected, leaving me to having the only mech with a large laser in the whole game.  Kinda fun.

But the game that I am really remembering with fondness was Sentinel Worlds 1:  Future Magic.  I had so much fun in that CRPG, given it mixed space combat, ground exploration, interactions, out-of-ship actions, half decent graphics and a rather amazing soundtrack for the PC speaker (where the programmers, amazingly, subdivided the speaker track to play at 240 different notes per second, allowing them to simulate three tracks, and it was actually well composed music too).  I can hear the music in my mind even as I type.  I played that one through several times, loved it.  Anyone else remember or played it?  Or Wasteland or the old BT CRPG games?



September 25, 2011

I have recently begun to play and have much fun in Kerbal Space Program.

The great news:  I have just attained my first sucessful orbital insertion!

The bad news:  I didn’t pay enough attention and have no fuel left for a de-orbit burn.  Oops…


W8 Geekery/Speculation

September 16, 2011

With all the Windows 8 talk this past week, and the delicious possibility of the same OS on both tablets, netbooks and desktops, I have gotten in my mind this image of what I would consider close to some ultimate computing sweetness:

I leave the house in the morning with my netbook and get on the train for my commute.  I launch some documents and work on them;  every few moments they are saved both locally and to a remote/cloud based server of my choosing.  When I get to work I set my netbook next to my desktop, it detects proximity, and my desktop unlocks, logs me in, and all the applications and documents I had going on my netbook appear on my desktop (the applications having been automatically launched on my desktop).  I work during the day, and I choose to go show something to Francine down the hall.  So I grab the screen of my netbook, which detaches and becomes a tablet, and I walk on down, the document I had going already showing on my screen automatically and ready for showing.  I make changes at her desk, return, set the tablet down, and back the document goes into storage and onto my desktop, updated.  Etc…

Now that I think could be just cool, beyond being able to run any/all software in all environments…



July 7, 2011

Even 18 years later, this still rocks hard…

Epic realtime goodness.


This is very rad

December 16, 2010

Tron x2 Poster