W8 Geekery/Speculation

With all the Windows 8 talk this past week, and the delicious possibility of the same OS on both tablets, netbooks and desktops, I have gotten in my mind this image of what I would consider close to some ultimate computing sweetness:

I leave the house in the morning with my netbook and get on the train for my commute.  I launch some documents and work on them;  every few moments they are saved both locally and to a remote/cloud based server of my choosing.  When I get to work I set my netbook next to my desktop, it detects proximity, and my desktop unlocks, logs me in, and all the applications and documents I had going on my netbook appear on my desktop (the applications having been automatically launched on my desktop).  I work during the day, and I choose to go show something to Francine down the hall.  So I grab the screen of my netbook, which detaches and becomes a tablet, and I walk on down, the document I had going already showing on my screen automatically and ready for showing.  I make changes at her desk, return, set the tablet down, and back the document goes into storage and onto my desktop, updated.  Etc…

Now that I think could be just cool, beyond being able to run any/all software in all environments…

Mixed Media

First: an amazing CG film full of architecture, light and beauty

Second:  an article on the modern music industry and music making

Third:  An observation on the power (and deliberate use) of labelling (or not labelling, as the case may be).  The nine indicted members of a group accused of plotting to murder police officers and detonating explosives (IEDs), whom in the very indictment against them are charged that they wanted “to levy war against the United States,” are conspicuously not being called terrorists or a terrorist organization on any of the media reports I have heard.  Curious, that.


“We don’t see things as they are, we see them as we are.” — Anais Nin


So, how about that new TRON Legacy trailer?  I so did love TRON when it came out.  Mmmm…  It took me a few viewings before I started getting into the new visual style, it was too slick for my eyes at first (It makes sense given 20 years of advancement of course, yet I have a soft spot for the style of old).  Still seems a bit simplified (less circuitry on the characters) and I still do not like that the light cycles bank when their walls are on (right angles only, please!).  And I’m getting very psyched for the film, it’ll be geekily cool!

Holiday Scatteredness

Welcome to the almost-end-of-the-year!  I’ve been having a great holiday, home in Canada where it is a bit white on the ground (but not by much, alas).  Great times staying with my parents, visiting a bunch of friends, and I even played a round of BattleTech, which I haven’t done in ages.  Now that I have space to hold people around a table I’m thinking I ought to host a few BT games this year…

Pretty much by chance we drove by the new Whitby public library and went in to have a look.  I like it!  Very nice, clean, modern lines, and I could tell right away looking at the detailing that the architects were on the ball.  Have a look at it here.  The spaces have a good feel to them, and the material palette remains limited and well executed, and the whole is varied without being busy.  Above all there are many different reading spaces with lots of glazing, so plenty of choice about your reading environment.  Good stuff, surprising to me to see something so well done in Whitby.  Guess my view of the town needs to grow.

I’ve been using my netbook a tonne while at home too and I am loving it immensely.   Eee PCs FTW.  So uncumbersome and easy to port around and yet it’s a cinch to type on it and the keyboard feels nice, exceptionally clear screen and a battery life that makes having a portable computing device to do work on the road actually worthwhile.  Between the train trip and here I’ve edited books, done a bunch of writing, many ‘net related things, even played Master of Orion on it.  So fun having this thing.

Unfortunately, before leaving Cali I carefully copied all the trip pictures onto an SD card so I could bring them home to edit while on vacation… and then left the SD card in my machine in Cali.  Oops!

And that’s it for this pretty random post.  Call it holiday verbiage… make it a great celebration everyone!

I wants

Now this is an idea who’s time has come!  If I say “Old skhool Transformers” and “Ravage” you’ll probably get the mental image of the good ol’ Jaguar that transforms into the even more good ol’ cassette tape.   Here’s the genius marketing:  update him to today’s portable media, and you have this beaut, with full working USB storage action, and looking pretty good to boot.  Shame it’s only 2GB…

Today I also visited the finished Breezehouse owned by one of the principals of our firm (the one being lifted into position here).  First time I’d seen it finished, and I have to say holy f!k that is one amazingly gorgeous house!  MKD did a fabulous job on this thing, spatially the house is excellent, the details are excellent, the lines are excellent, the proportions are excellent and the breeze space is just brilliant.  Damn.  His own additions to the base design (including a nice simple yet elegant fountain) tie it nicely into the site.  I was very impresed (if you can’t tell yet).

Yes, I certainly want!