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Lunch Prep: Success!

September 1, 2018

Just made a butternut squash, sweet potato, tomato, collard greens, lentil, and curry stew for upcoming lunches!  Looking forward to the mmmmm over the next few weeks…


Wonder Wednesday

May 3, 2017

The littlest grapes

Peeking their way into the world

Soaking sunshine

Sipping water

Dreaming of wine


Soup from the Sky

January 22, 2017

Though I’ve lived in this area for 17.5 years now, I’m still not completely used to how variable the weather can be throughout the day.  From waking up to wind and rain, to it being seriously overcast at arrival to class, to the sun emerging in a sudden burst of radiance, to the sky becoming well-nigh clear, to the clouds and rain returning full force in the short 10km/6mi drive home.

So, to that end, I made a big pot of cabbage soup!  Comforting warmth for everyone.  Bring a bowl.


Homemade Bone Broth!

February 14, 2016


Using the remnants of 3 chickens and 1 duck, made in the slow cooker over 22 hours.  Turned out niiiiiice…


Liiiiitle peaches

June 26, 2014

One of our peach trees is being rather productive again this year… however, with the drought we’re being pounded with the peaches are very small.  I’d guess maybe 1/4 the size of previous years.  Stark evidence of what we didn’t get this year.

Fortunately, they are still nice and tasty!  Fresh peaches hooray!



February 23, 2014

Mmmmm… freshly toasted butternut squash seeds!


Dinner Tonight

September 4, 2013
  • Kale, from my garden:  Check!
  • Tomatoes, from my garden:  Check!
  • Butternut squash, from my garden:  Check!
  • Beet, from my garden:  Check!
  • Basil, from my garden:  Check!
  • Fish, from my gar… er, the store:  Check!
  • Salt, Pepper:  Check!

Delicious?  CHECK!