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Welcome to my page of RPG publications, rules, variants, and more! Click on the image to go directly to the document. Click on the title to go to the post for more information and background.

A core resolution engine of my own devising, Aurora is designed to form the heart of a complete role-playing game system toolkit.  With genuine advantages for play, it can be the foundation for many different games and campaigns, suiting their genre, tone, feel, and playstyle while supporting both crunchy and narrative mechanics for excitement and storytelling delight.

Star Trek Adventures Cheat Sheet –  As it says on the tin.  A four page cheat sheet (also useful as a GM screen) for the Trek RPG by Modiphius.

Star Trek Adventures Character Sheet –  A two-sided character sheet that can be folded into a booklet.  Can also be used as a single page sheet (no backside), as only the equipment list resides on the back.

Star Trek Adventures Species: Cizerack – Based on the species from the Battlelords RPG, a mostly non-morphic feline species.  Though they can stand upright and walk bipedal, they much prefer remaining on all fours.

Adventurer’s Option: Tauric RacesMy supplement for creating taur-like (+yuan-ti) characters in 5e. Pick any animal & create a race that suits your vision.  Includes campaign advice, feats/backgrounds, plus centaurs, wemics, and kendrii (a foxtaur race).

The Aurora CasefilesThe Troubleshooters is an RPG geared towards the action, adventure, and mystery of Franco-Belgian graphic novels – it is, essentially, a Tintin RPG. Which is awesome! This conversion document marries the advantages of the Aurora RPG Engine‘s dice mechanics and narrative tools to the already rich bits of the Troubleshooters to create an even grander game experience!

Mouse Guard Flowchart – A cheat/reference sheet displaying the task resolution system for both regular and versus tests.

Technical Update: Neverending Offensive – A supplement of variant rules, equipment, weapons, and vehicles for the Renegade Legion line of games, including Interceptor, Centurion, and Leviathan.  Originally posted on my long-running Renegade Legion website, and subsequently turned into this supplemental source book.

Interceptor Second Edition – The second edition rules for Interceptor.  Written by Don Gallagher, these rules were to have been officially published by Nightshift Games as part of their new line of Renegade Legion games.  They were graciously provided to me by Don and I have compiled them into this complete rulebook.

Interceptor Second Edition ICBs – The Internal Component Block diagrams for published fighters and patrol craft for the second edition rules linked above.

Aurora Magazine – Aurora Magazine was a fanzine I ran, dedicated to the game worlds of Dream Pod 9 and the Silhouette rules.  Over the course of 10 years we published all manner of material, sharing the work of the fans for the whole community.  (Note that this is not related to the Aurora RPG Engine listed above; apparently I just love the word aurora!)

Alternate Weapons for Car Wars – In the future, right of way is to those with the biggest guns.  Here are some more guns; alternate guns for your Car Wars games.

Cortex Plus Firefly Character Sheet – A single-page character sheet for Firefly, in both PDF and InDesign formats. Meant to be used with dice icons, see a completed example here.

Forgotten Realms Complete Trail Map – Published in 1990, this larger-than-poster-sized pair of maps displayed the entire Realms and Kara-Tur.  Here it is scanned and unified, with a bit of added land to the south.  A great resource for players in the Realms!

More works to be added soon…