Philosophy Tuesday

October 3, 2017

the definition of being empowered

and in action

is not that we have THE say in how something goes

but rather

that we have A say in how it goes

for there are no guarantees

as much as we’d like there to be

that what we do 1:1 will always produce our desired outcome



with glorious music

and recognition of what a great person we are


that is more likely in fantasy land

and yet

there remains quite the difference

between being attached to being THE ONE

or instead embodying THE ZERO

the game to play is not to be the golden saviour

the game to play is in the world of contribution

working like a bricklayer

adding to the body of work

sometimes we may make the foundation upon which something will spring forth

though we will never see it

sometimes we will work on the blank facade at the back of the building

that is still, nonetheless, vital to its completion

and sometimes we may be lucky enough to put the final, crowning brick

that shifts things immensely

we can never know if our actions will be the tipping point

or if it will be a step towards such

in the end, it doesn’t matter

because in the world of contribution, there is no bigger, or smaller

it’s all contribution

when we let go of our ego of absolute control

and true our actions to our authentic selves

and seek out opportunities to make a difference

we (re)gain our voice

we have our say in how things will go

things shift

worlds are created

and we go to bed fulfilled


Architecture Monday

October 2, 2017

Coffee anyone?  (Or tea?)  If we’re stopping here, yes please.

There’s something really cool going on in the main coffee pavilion.  It’s an open space, but yet, at the same time, not really.  Though the sides of the seating area lacks walls, the walls of the courtyard in which it sit are really close by, with the height of the wall nearly the same as the height  of the open part of the seating area.  And so while the lofty pavilion walls themselves do not reach the ground, there is still the feeling of enclosure.  This further helped by the continuity in colour.  That is one great space to be in.

The window at the end is another finely crafted experience.  It looks almost otherworldly, a vibrance of colour and twisty forms against the blacks and greys and strong lines of the pavilion itself.  Playing with perspective, the walls end to hide behind the window supports, as though this is a picture or portal into another realm.  That the table continues beyond the window, to tweak the experience even further,  just makes it even sweeter.

At the opposite end of the mini coffee complex, a small garden of trees borders an indoor coffee area that is a wonderful contrast to the main pavilion, with compressed headspace.  The whole area is filled with stones much like a rock garden, and bordered throughout by the inky black walls.

I really like what’s going on here.  There’s much keen awareness of how to use the interplay between all the parts to create a composition of delightful experiences.  Even the “your order is ready” notification is seamlessly woven in.  It’s not a coffee house because it’s just a place that serves coffee, but it’s a place that starts with what a coffee break is all about, and builds out from there:  to pause, to reflect, to see, to socialize, and to delight.

The Yellow Submarine Coffee Tank, by Secondfloor Architects.

Bonus!  Have a rooster:


La vérité

September 28, 2017

Hahahahahaha! All too true!  | Hihihihihihihihihi!  Bien trop exact!


Wonder Wednesday

September 27, 2017

Awwww, this is precious…

by Quinn Chan


Philosophy Tuesday

September 26, 2017

Argue for your limitations,

and sure enough,

they’re yours.

– Richard Bach


Architecture Monday

September 25, 2017

Some eye candy tonight of a very nice adaptive reuse from Montreal!  This one’s filled with delicious contrasts and intersections:  rugged brickwork with slick and smooth walls, deep tones with vibrant colours, old materials kissing new ones, deep windows with flush lighting, and some great shadow play.  As a bonus, this is an old railway station….

Lightspeed Offices by ACDF Architecture


Wonder Wednesday

September 20, 2017

These Tintin books were two of my favourite bandes dessinees growing up!