Gaming Thursday

This… is all shades of both interesting/bizzare…

… and hilarious if you follow one of the comments’ suggestions and replace the redacted areas with classic D&D names:

“Vecna considers GYGAX to be eccentric . . .”

“Tiamat added that . . .”

“Mordenkainen advised that GYGAX…”

“… his knowledge of “The Tomb of Horrors”, also known as FRESNO.”


Gaming Thursday: Tauric Races

Announcing the publication of my latest D&D supplement:  Tauric Races!

From the familiar half-human/half-horse centaur to the more exotic wemic, formian, and even the yuan-ti, centaur-like races have graced the pages and campaigns of D&D since its very beginning.  A staple within fantasy literature and art, these centaur-like, or tauric, races have long captured our imaginations.

Live life on four feet and bring these fascinating hybrids into your adventuring party with Tauric Races!  Within this 20-page supplement you will find guidance on how to incorporate tauric races into the rich detail of your campaign world, guidance on how to play a tauric race, and complete rules for how to create centaur-like races based on nearly every animal type, including mammals, reptiles, insects, arachnids, and snakes.  In addition, it includes a new background, one new feat, and three fully developed races ready for immediate play:  the mighty centaur, the fierce wemic, and the agile kendrii (a foxtaur race).

You can find it here:

Here’s to it bringing excitement, fun, and adventure to your games.