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Lion Kung Fu

October 31, 2019

No surprise I’m sure, but I absolutely love that last panel.  You don’t want to mess with that lioness!

by Oglaf (Totally NSFW, BTW)


Hopps and Wilde

March 10, 2016

When I saw the teaser for Zootopia, it didn’t really grab my interest more than “huh, nifty.” It was that lack of super interest though that had me watch the main trailer*, and somehow, something in that main trailer, over time, began to worm its way into my psyche.  For some reason I kept going back to watch it again. When the poster came out, I loved all the (familiar feeling) puns. I watched the trailer some more. I continued to get excited for this movie.

And so it was with some trepidation that I walked into the theatre, worried that I might have built the movie up to such a height, and that the film would fall down under poor storytelling or into a non-story event of over the top silly hijinks…

So here’s my Zootopia review.  Spoilers ahead! Read the rest of this entry ?