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La vérité

September 28, 2017

Hahahahahaha! All too true!  | Hihihihihihihihihi!  Bien trop exact!


Another day at work…

August 6, 2017

… architecting it up!

(I dunno why, but I find this photo very amusing…)


Gaming Thursday

June 15, 2017

This… is all shades of both interesting/bizzare…

… and hilarious if you follow one of the comments’ suggestions and replace the redacted areas with classic D&D names:

“Vecna considers GYGAX to be eccentric . . .”

“Tiamat added that . . .”

“Mordenkainen advised that GYGAX…”

“… his knowledge of “The Tomb of Horrors”, also known as FRESNO.”



Saturday Hilarity

September 24, 2016

I received this flyer in the mail… and spent a good five minutes laughing.  And still laugh whenever I look at it:


When Photoshopping goes horribly awry.  And then gets sent out to thousands of households.

Perfect timing too, I just taught a class last week on inserting people into photographs.  Brought this yesterday to class to show as an example… Hehe!


For Science!

February 3, 2016

Here at the LPC (Large Phrase Collider) we have successfully smashed Moore’s Law and Murphy’s Law together to produce…  Moophe’s Law:

“Anything that can go wrong will double every two years.”



Wonder Wednesday

January 20, 2016

The safest neighborhood in Toronto?  If so, their secret:




Architecture Monday

July 27, 2015

Note… this is not a Frank Lloyd Wright building:

not a textile block house

But it is perhaps one of the classiest restroom facades around.

(Just back from an amazing week in LA!  Sorry for the week of silence.  The above was taken within California Adventure at the Disneyland resort;  I laughed so hard when I saw this, I wonder if the cast members looked at me with worry that perhaps I had lost my mind…)