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Alert is Alerting

July 16, 2019

It is warmer in Alert, Nunavut,

817km (508mi) from the North Pole,

Than it is in Victoria on Vancouver Island,

Some 3750km (2350mi) south of there.

This is not good folks.


Wonder Wednesday

July 10, 2019

A little moment of peace

returning to the beginning, serene

new growth emerging from the old

blossoming into beauty


Photo by Sam Snaps


Wonder Wednesday

July 3, 2019

Water, sunset, and some absolutely lovely, thoughtful, life-affirming prose…

“It’s easy to forget how breathtakingly beautiful the planet is.  Not breathtakingly beautiful actually… but breath-givingly beautiful.”


Wonder Wednesday

June 26, 2019

Ahhhh and awwww, a lovely gaggle of lynxes…



Wonder Wednesday

June 19, 2019

names unheard

spells unwoven

the forest listens

the being calls

Beautiful work by Loika


Wonder Wednesday

June 12, 2019

It’s currently around 400,000 degrees* here.  So this picture of a frozen James Bay, Hudson Bay, and Nunavut is quite refreshing!  And, of course, absolutely lovely… our beautiful blue marble…

Photo by David Saint-Jaques from aboard the ISS!


* I’d specify this is in C, but I think at this point it doesn’t matter if it’s C, F, or K…


Wonder Wednesday

May 15, 2019

A lovely lynx to brighten your day (or night)…