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Wonder Wednesday

March 11, 2020

An amazing photo of SpaceX’s 20th CRS mission to the International Space Station, with both launch and the historic 50th landing of a booster:

Most amazing is this bit here, where you can see Main Engine Cut-Off, followed by stage separation, followed by Second Stage Engine Light, followed (and this is the super amazing bit) by first stage re-light and the boost back burn for its return back to land just a couple of miles away from where it started:


I can’t wait for the first crewed mission (just weeks away now!) and for tests on Starship to begin. Congrats to SpaceX!

Photos by Teslarati



Wonder Wednesday

April 24, 2019

Enjoy some jaw-droppingly amazing photos of the equally amazing Falcon Heavy launch from a couple weeks back. Really, some incredible shots here:

Plenty more at SpaceX’s Flickr Stream!


You land (rolls dice) all three cores!

April 11, 2019

Another Space X amazement/appreciation post today for their wicked commercial Falcon Heavy launch and, even more wickedly, landing of all 3 (!) first-stage booster cores for reuse. (!!!) A 1000% successful day for them.

(Re)watch the glory here:


Wonder Wednesday

March 6, 2019

Our beautiful home

With the new Dragon II spacecraft approaching

A new dawn

In more ways than one

“We can be united by a cause that’s not based on fear, threat or common enemy but rather on a bold endeavor, an insatiable curiosity to go beyond what is known and to do what has never been done. We Humans were built for Exploration.  And we were built to do it together.”

Photo and Quote by Anne McClain

(Who has a glorious and delightful series on her twitter feed giving a tour of the station to the little earth plush that arrived with the Dragon II… very cute!)


SpaceX Crew Capsule: Docked!

March 3, 2019

This might be even more exciting than the launch!

Successful docking, hatch opening, and the first crew to enter the Dragon II in orbit (excitingly led by CSA Astronaut David Saint-Jacques).  Amazing times.


SpaceX Crew Capsule: In Space!

March 2, 2019

Big huge congrats to SpaceX and NASA for the successful launch of the Dragon II crew capsule!  Just finished watching the launch livestreamed and it was exciting all the way.  So awesome to see pad 39A one step closer to crewed flight.  Docking in just over a day is going to be just as exciting, woo!


Wonder Wednesday

February 7, 2018

How could it not be about the Falcon Heavy?  Especially when this shot is so insanely wicked:

And this one is so darn pretty:

And these ones are equally epic:

And, of course, a bit of cruising music as you head out into the stars…

Truth be told, I’m still pretty giddy about that launch.  One amazing experience to witness live. (via livestream…)

(first photo by Brady Kenniston, the rest by SpaceX)