Art Assignment Wednesday

While I didn’t attend VidCon this year, I did participate vicariously in the Art Assignment meetup by doing another Surface Test.  Since I’d done actual surfaces during my first time doing the assignment, I thought I’d choose something quite different this time.

Thus, behold:

Looks most different than I expected!  Any guesses what it is?


(and when you’re ready to find out, click here…)

Art Assignment Incoming!

We held another Art Assignment meetup at Vidcon this year!  The assignment we chose was was Lost Childhood Object:

And here was the description I was given: “A fragile red mask of clay that I took to Kindergarten for show and tell in order to talk about The Phantom of the Opera. The mask had an elastic band stapled to the back, which quickly fell off.”

And here’s the object I made!

z - art assignment lost childhood object

For me, the assignment ended up being quite moving, with the sharing of something personal, the time and effort and care of making, the gifting, and the reconnection with that something of personal meaning.  For both participants.  All we have to give in our lives is time, and for someone to generously give their time (and to do likewise) to create something that connects to you is really special.

A really wonderful assignment.

In addition, I hadn’t t worked with clay in ages, it was both fun and a challenge to re-acquaint myself with the material and how to work with it.  My hands got rightly messy.

Excitingly, the host of the Art Assignment, Sarah Urist Green, was able to make it to our meetup in the morning and watched us exchange our objects.  And, delightfully, she and her crew made an episode all about it!

Really great to get together with everyone!  And thank you Sarah & co for the wonderful channel and assignments and for getting together with us at the con.  Looking forward to next year.

Art Assignment incoming!

My triptych for The Art Assignment‘s project: “Surface Test.”

art assignment surface test

For the assignment I chose to take three rubbings, recording the floor/ground at the locations where I practice Kung Fu each week.  I spend on the order of 12+ hours each week training, and so these floors/surfaces have become a big part of my life.  The first is our Sunday spot, in a park; Tuesday follows at a local martial arts school; with Thursday and Friday rounding things out in my backyard on a covered patio that a friend and I poured specifically to support my martial arts practice.

I’m quite chuffed with how each rubbing turned out. I knew the surfaces were very different, but I didn’t know if that would come through in the rubbing, especially between the carpet and the smooth concrete in my backyard. But different they indeed were, and they made a far nicer compilation than I expected.

This was a fun assignment to do; and my third assignment completed. Four, if you count the joint effort at VidCon:

If you aren’t familiar with the Art Assignment, I heartily recommend checking out their channel and giving an assignment a try. I really like the assignment format, it makes one consider, and expand, the definition/breadth of art, and the assignments help bring the art of, well, art into our everyday lives.

VidCon is over

Wow. Vidcon 2015 has been an absolutely amazing experience for me. I went in with a curious mind and came away with so much more than I imagined. I learned many things, discovered kinsmanship on a whole new level, met delightful new friends (hi everyone!), received a tonne of support and love, delighted in Art Assignment projects, juiced up my excitement for my designs, met many wonderful people, shared in our individual and collective passions, interacted with wonderful YouTube personalities and mentors, and rocked the night away with the Driftless Pony Club as well as Hank and the Perfect Strangers.  A wicked three days. I come away totally happy.

Thank you everyone for a completely fantastic time.   I am so looking forward to our continued journeys together.