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Wonder Wednesday

May 24, 2017

Oh my.  Walt Disney World just rolled out a new evening fireworks show, but much more exciting/impressive to me is the fabulous use of projection mapping on the castle:

Very nicely done.  The story/progression of the show may be a bit weak, but the visuals are killer, and I’m very, very excited for the breadth of the characters appearing.  One of the things I noted in previous visits to a park was how many of their characters and stories didn’t seem to bet represented or be present at all, so it’s great to see many of the “forgotten” stories be given their due.  Especially the Hunchback sequence!  Quite delightful all around.


Wonder Wednesday

May 17, 2017

As we travel through the deserts of our life,

it is always good to bring a friend along.


Wonderful picture of hikers among the dunes of Death Valley.  Image by Sapna Reddy.


Wonder Wednesday

May 10, 2017

I love this Robin Hood poster by Cyclops for the Mondo art gallery show Never Grow Up!  It’s all nighttime and action and swords, and that double reading of the tower top that turns out to be the crown of Prince John is just brilliant…

Fabulous and fun.  Great work by artist Rich Kelly.


Wonder Wednesday

May 3, 2017

The littlest grapes

Peeking their way into the world

Soaking sunshine

Sipping water

Dreaming of wine


Philosophy Tuesday

May 2, 2017

This is a philosophical statement.  It is intended to spark thinking and examining.

Our lives are full of inflection points.

Life happens.  Things happen.

When something happens to us, or around us, we get very active.

We make decisions about things.

We make decisions about ourselves, about others, and/or about the world.

These are powerful decisions.

They form statements, certainties,  declarations.

They shape our view of the world and of reality.

In effect, they are reality.

We have little distinction otherwise.  They are the truth.

We therefore act and behave in a way that is fully consistent with that reality.

We touched a hot stove and we got burned: hot stoves are bad to touch.

Now we no longer touch a hot stove, and we’re even cautious around something that looks hot.

That’s pretty clear.  That makes sense.

We made a mistake on an art project as a kid and we didn’t do it right and kids laughed:  we are not good at art.

Now we no longer try to do art, and we avoid being creative.

Hmm.  Less clear.

“I suck at art.”  That’s one possible interpretation.

So we stopped practicing art, we avoided art, we never practiced, we don’t do it.

Today, if we try to create some art, sure enough, we continue to suck at it!

So much proof now…

Blam.  An inflection point that set our course of life.


What happened was that we made a mistake.  That happened.  Plain and simple.

Nothing more.  Nothing less.*

That inflection point, however…

That was us.  All us.

Not the mistake.  The inflection was us.

We made the decision.

A decision that influenced our view, our experience, our capabilities, and reality.

“I suck at art.”  That’s one possible interpretation.  But only one of a million possible interpretations.

And for all these years, we’ve been living the decision we ourselves made.

How fascinating!

We can return to that moment and re-evaluate things.  Choose a different interpretation.

We can re-inflect.

We can refresh ourselves back to that point, clear the canvas, and start anew.

We gain freedom.  We can create.

We can transform, build forward, develop abilities, and become who we want to be. **

Let’s play.


* And what is a mistake anyway?  Who defined the failure?  In the arts (including life, which is an art), what is really a mistake?  Or error?  Or failure?  Or good?  Or bad?  Who sa(ys)(aid)?

** This does not mean new skills and abilities will miraculously appear***.  It will not wipe out 40 years of not practicing, developing, learning… the work still needs to be done.  But it’s work that now can be done.  The barriers have been removed, the road is now clear.  And, inside of that clarity, the speed at which the skill develops can be fast indeed.

*** And sometimes it will feel as though new abilities have miraculously appeared.  Freed of the constraints the decision and the resulting inflection imposed on your life, inside of that new freedom, new capacities of performance for existing skills get blown wide open.****  The true extent of your skill can fully be expressed.

**** This includes interactions, conflicts, relationships, courage, conversation, perseverance, productivity, excitement, wonder, compassion, empathy, creativity, joy, peace of mind…



Architecture Monday

May 1, 2017

Poetry comes in many forms, including sometimes being wrapped in what at first glance may appear to be the most mundane of shells.  Tonight’s project is just like that, a humble building built with straightforward and inexpensive materials, and one that presents an ordinary visage to the world.  It is not a terrible visage, to be sure.  It is well proportioned, it is in dialogue with the surrounding buildings, and there is a hint that something different is going on inside.  It is an unassuming face that it presents to the world.

Inside, it is the space – that which makes architecture, architecture – where poetry erupts.

The main hall within is canted 13 degrees to align with the qibla, immediately creating a bevy of sculptural ancillary spaces.  Used to great effect, they function as entry courtyards, apses, and towers, narrating the way from the outside to the sanctum within.

Inside, the hall is squat and expansive, compressing the space horizontally.  At first thought, all that brick and concrete, coupled with a low ceiling, may seem like a recipe for an oppressive experience.  Yet every corner blows upward in shafts of light, every side is a portico emblazoned with sunshine, and the ceiling features a burst of luminous dots that cast their rays onto the floor in an ever-dancing pattern.  And the finely honed and polished floor, contrasting strongly with every other piece of the building, calls attention to itself and to the relationship of the body and the ritual to that floor, and to all those around you who stand on that special surface.  The space radiates with intimate connection, both to your neighbors and also to the greater universe at large.

Architecture is about craft of space, the merging of purpose with form.  Rough and tumble materials in mundane locations are not hindrances.  When the intent burns bright, and the creative fire is unleashed, powerful and moving spaces are always possible.

The Bait Ur Rouf Mosque by Marina Tabassum


Wonder Wednesday

April 26, 2017

This is Steve.

A ribbon of hot flowing gas traveling about 6km per second.

Like an aurora, but separate,

hanging still,

a pillar of light,

pointing the way.