The Zootopia Meditations

Zootopia_logo meditations copy

Zootopia hit me in a way I didn’t expect it to when I went to the theatre.  It has narrative oomph, it flows well, there are good hilarity bits, and it is supremely inventive.  Above all else however, Zootopia possesses a delicious and strong philosophical core, one filled with amazing moments of transformation and possibility.

This is why Zootopia moves me greatly.

In a film about animals, Zootopia tells us much about what it means to be human.  I want to explore and share all the profound goodness that lies within its running time.

Welcome to the Zootopia Meditations.

Some additional creations:

  • Number of viewings in the theatre: 8
  • Number of total viewings: Countless :)

My original review(s) and views:

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